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Film Score Reviews was started in 2012 by a couple guys who really enjoy listening to film scores. Their goal was to create a website that would give them and their fans a place to voice their opinion about the latest film scores.

Most film score listeners want to know two basic things: What kind of music is this? and Is it any good? Though many websites out there have film score reviews on them, many of them are very in depth and critical of every song, picking them apart into their musical elements. Some people might enjoy reading those long descriptions, but many common listeners do not.

Film Score Reviews has taken a simple approach to writing reviews. They explain a score briefly and tell their listeners whether or not they think it is worth buying. They also give their readers a chance to give the score a thumbs up or thumbs down to get a broad range of unbiased responses.

Hopefully you have found this site to be helpful to you in your search for discovering quality new music.

Thank You.