The Hunger Games

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Music Overview

Artist: James Newton Howard
Review Type: Film Score
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Released: March 26, 2012

The Good:
Score reflects the loneliness and sadness of the story.

The Bad:
Songs are short. Lack of clearly defined themes.

Our Rating:
3 / 5 – Above Average


Having read the books, The Hunger Games score turned out much different than what I had anticipated on hearing for the score. It took a while for the soundtrack to grow on me, but now I really enjoy listening to it.

James Newton Howard created a very simple and subtle score that connects you very personally to the main character, Katniss. The use of ethnic instruments throughout the score instill in you the feeling of being in a foreign place.

“Horn of Plenty” is the only victorious song on the soundtrack and rightly so. Howard does a great job of emphasizing this one last glorious moment before the games. ”Rue’s Farewell” is a very fitting warm emotional string piece that appears once again at the end of the soundtrack in “Tenuous Winners / Returning Home”.

In The Hunger Games even in victory there is no true victor there is only sadness and loneliness, Howard’s score reflects that.

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